Prospect Heights

Bianca Turetsky & Cleo

I adopted Cleo about 7 years ago from Kitty Kind, a really wonderful cat rescue group that operates out of the Union Square Petco. They found her as a baby kitty wandering around the streets of Queens. She was so little and beautiful, a muted calico with green eyes, and I fell in love at […]

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Park Slope

Tory Hoen, Cressida & Dash

I grew up with various cats and dogs (and hamsters, fish, turtles…), so for me, a home is a place where many species coexist. I love animals of all kinds, and when I finally got my cats at age 33, one of my co-workers said, “Wait, I assumed you already had like 10.” So apparently I’ve been giving off […]

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Ridgewood, Queens

Olivia Pakitsas & Taco

I have always loved cats. But when I was a kid, my mother never let me have one because she has an irrational fear of them. So, as time passed, my desire to have a cat only increased the older I got, and once I was finally in a good place to have a cat […]

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Girls and Their Cats BOOK birthday!

Have you heard? Girls and Their Cats is out today! For New York City fashion and beauty photographer BriAnne Wills, the “crazy cat lady” is a myth. Co-written with Elyse Moody, senior editor at Martha Stewart Living, this book redefines the stereotype by showcasing 50 strong, independent, and artistic women who take the world in stride, […]

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Irene Droney & Sage

Before Sage, I had never owned a pet of any sort but loved cats and had always wanted one. I had just started graduate school and gotten out of an abusive relationship. It was the start of a new chapter in my life and I felt like I was ready. I spent a lot of time […]

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CT Treibel, Amber Hurst Martin, & Jeremy

Jeremy is a ginger prince kitty from Los Angeles. He was saved from a local shelter with his whole litter by a fantastic rescue organization called The Rescue Train. A client of mine knew I was secretly longing for a cat even though I’d never had a pet in my life. Growing up, we weren’t […]

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Crown Heights

Karly Anderson, Ansel & Hunter

I moved to New York from Salt Lake City, UT to pursue a career in the arts with my partner Ian in the spring of 2015. We moved, sight unseen, to a 125-square foot windowless studio in Crown Heights. It was so tiny we couldn’t open the fridge the whole way without it hitting the […]

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East Village

Emmy DaVirro & Maxine

My husband and I both grew up in anti-cat households. We blame it on our respective mothers’ allergies, not on anyone’s true hatred of the creatures. A year ago we began to toy with the idea of adding a furry roommate to our East Village life, but knew from childhood experience that dogs were more […]

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