Ileán Pérez, Millo, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

Having animals when I was growing up was a bit of an issue for my parents, but they got used to the fact that I would rescue any cat that crossed my path. And, living in Puerto Rico where the stray population is high, did little to deter me. Fast-forward to my sophomore year in […]

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Prospect Heights

Kimberly Chou Tsun An & Sam

As a kid, I had a collection of oversized crewneck sweatshirts in different colors with various cat iron-on decals that my mom made for me, decorated with glitter puffy paint. I’d wear them with patterned leggings and knock-off Keds slip ons. The shirts were her compromise for never allowing me to adopt a cat IRL. […]

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Washington DC

Brie Statham, Charlie, Louis & Pigeon

Charlie was my very first pet. I didn’t really have much of an opinion on cats at the time, besides knowing that my mom was terrified of them, but I had always found them to be interesting animals. I rescued Charlie from the Detroit Humane Society when she was six months old. I went in […]

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