Vero Romero & Choi

My partner Jeff and I had just moved in together and were fantasizing about adopting a cat, but we didn’t feel quite ready yet as we were still getting acquainted with our new space and living together. While browsing adoption sites and craigslist purely out of curiosity, we stumbled onto a post about Choi and […]

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Carroll Gardens

Kate Hyatt & Rufus

“Rufus is the warmest, sweetest, coolest living creature. He carries dollar bills or toy mice around in his mouth all the time. I’m obsessed with the long, huge chunks of hair that eek out of his paws. He often slips around the wood floors and into a room, all Cosmo Kramer-like. His purr machine turns […]

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Brooklyn Heights

Christene Barberich & Phoebe

  “Two years ago, on New Year’s day, I was finishing up my usual annual ritual—bringing my journal with me from the previous year to a special place and taking stock of all the highlights and accomplishments of the year past. This time around, I chose the Mondrian hotel. And as I sat there detailing […]

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