East Village

Hannah Kinser & Ozzy

I’d always considered myself a “dog person’ (and in fact have two—Pork and Sal), and the thought of being a cat-mom never crossed my mind. My boyfriend, however, had wanted to adopt one, as he’d lost his a few years back and thought it was the right moment for another. I was hesitant but played […]

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Sunset Park

Iva Dixit, Mikhail Bulgakov, Pigeon & Bread

The first cat I brought home I named Mikhail Bulgakov, after the Russian novelist who wrote The Master and Margarita, and did so because I was 23, which is exactly how young and stupid you need to be in order to mistake meaningless literary pretension for a personality. The shelter gave him to me with […]

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Crown Heights

Ein Jung & Eileen

Eileen is a force to be reckoned with. I knew it from the first moment I saw her, which was through an Instagram post on Brooklyn Cat Cafe’s profile. It was a photo of her in her signature pose, with her one front leg sprawled across her favorite cushion at the cafe. The caption read […]

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Prospect Heights

Bianca Turetsky & Cleo

I adopted Cleo about 7 years ago from Kitty Kind, a really wonderful cat rescue group that operates out of the Union Square Petco. They found her as a baby kitty wandering around the streets of Queens. She was so little and beautiful, a muted calico with green eyes, and I fell in love at […]

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Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Cristiana Peña & Tom

Tom is a prince, but Amelia was a queen. She came first. It’d been just the two of us for years when a (now ex) boyfriend was added to the mix. About a year later, he and I were at the beach one day when I received an email from a friend about a cat […]

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Tyler McCall & Evie

My boyfriend Sam is the one who adopted Evie. He had her for about a year before we met and I was actually more nervous to meet the cat because I knew he loved her so much, and I was worried she wouldn’t like me. Luckily, she did like me and now we’re very attached. […]

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Fort Greene

Uli Beutter Cohen & Raymond

  In 2003, shortly after I moved from Germany to Oregon to go to college, my roommates and I decided to get a cat together. We looked in the classifieds and saw that a cat lady had to give all of her cats away because her family was moving her into assisted living. When we […]

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Cobble Hill

Rachel Zarrell & Pico

I moved to Brooklyn in 2013 and for the first time in my life got to live blissfully alone. But when the year was up, I realized how lonely a lot of the time had been. My friends rolled my eyes as I told them that my “cat womb” was sadly empty. At my first […]

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