Jacqueline Nowakowski & Pumpkin

Pumpkin the tiny, two-faced Tortie came into my life very unexpectedly, but in the most genuine way imaginable. I live in a loft apartment above a specialty plaster studio where I happen to work. One day, my boss, Kathy, received a phone call from a panicked friend, telling her he could no longer care for […]

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Clinton Hill

Nomi Leasure, Atticus & Scout

Atticus (see also: Fatticus; Fatty-Cakes) walked – literally – into my life spring of 2013. On the invitation of a can of tuna served on the front stoop, the bold little thing, just under a year I’d have guessed by weight and length, waltzed into my apartment, at the time shared with three other girls (all confessed […]

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Gabrielle Lamontagne & Fievel

Fievel and I met at the Aspca on 92nd street in June 2016. He was barely 2 month old and had tested positive for FIV (which eventually cleared) so he couldn’t share a space with other kittens. He was so playful and not shy at all. I’ve always had cats around me, but Fievel has […]

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