Ashley Molesso, Chess Needham & Mafia

Mafia was born on Craigslist in 2012, my junior year of college, or at least that’s how she came into my life. So she might as well have been born there. She was just a kitten that some random woman in Queens was trying to rehome for a friend. As a child, I had a […]

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Tyler McCall & Evie

My boyfriend Sam is the one who adopted Evie. He had her for about a year before we met and I was actually more nervous to meet the cat because I knew he loved her so much, and I was worried she wouldn’t like me. Luckily, she did like me and now we’re very attached. […]

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Ellen Rose & Fritz

You’ve probably noticed that Brooklyn is home to thousands of stray cats. They’re adorable, but they’re also resourceful and territorial creatures who maintain their family units in colonies. Our cat is from such a colony. In fact, he was born in our back patio. My husband Sam and I had been routinely feeding a sweet […]

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