Nadia Quinn, Pierre & Clementine

  Pierre and Clementine (formerly known as Tony and Diamond- obviously fresh off a former kitten-life as Vegas Show Cats) came into our home in 2009 at 8 weeks old. I promised my hubby we’d get a cat as soon we got married and literally two days after our wedding we adopted these brother and sister cats. […]

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Hells Kitchen

Elvy Yost & Rubbish

  “It was a cold and lonesome winter, and I was playing a pet owner in a wonderful play. The bohemian unguessable will-o’-the-wisp life of an actress had convinced me I couldn’t be a pet owner in real life, but I was about to be surprised. One cold and rainy morning that winter, thanks to […]

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Fort Greene

Rebecca Henderson, Dizzi & King

“In 2010, I wandered into Kitty Kind, a cat adoption organization run out of the PetCo at Union Square. A couple of years prior, my friend had adopted sibling cats and raved about them constantly so I was looking for two related or bonded kittens/cats. I had been looking for almost a year but hadn’t […]

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