“Just because a woman has a cat, it doesn’t mean she’s a crazy cat lady.” Photographer BriAnne Wills is looking to debunk this false (and very negative) image of women with cats—one photo at a time. –My Modern Met

For the past four years, Brooklyn-based fashion, portrait, and beauty photographer BriAnne Wills has shot more than 300 cat ladies. See some of their reviews.

Her project Girls and Their Cats portrays who cat ladies really are: strong, independent, and badass women who take the world in stride with their beloved felines. For the first time, BriAnne is offering photo packages with the goal of being able to capture even more women, and empower them to share their stories.



1 hour at your home
1 person, 1-2 cats
(each additional pet $50)

15-20 images in online gallery from which to choose your final selects

Final selects: 5 retouched/edited digital downloads (for online sharing with credit to @girlsandtheircats)

1 5×7 print of your choice



1 hour at your home
1 person, 1-2 cats
(each additional pet $50)

25-30 images in online gallery from which to choose your final selects

Final selects: 8 retouched/edited digital downloads (for online sharing with credit to @girlsandtheircats)

2 5×7 prints of your choice



2 hours at your home
2 people, 1-2 cats
(each additional pet $50)

35-40 images in online gallery from which to choose your final selects

Final selects: 10 retouched/edited digital downloads (for online sharing with credit to @girlsandtheircats)

3 5×7 prints of your choice

A travel fee may apply for locations requiring travel by car or more than one hour on public transportation. A 50% nonrefundable deposit and signed contract required to book a session. The balance is due the day before your photo session or it will result in cancellation. All participants will be required to sign a model release. Should you need to reschedule due to illness, family emergency, or inclement weather, you may apply the deposit to a future date.
Additional prints are available for purchase.
Publishing to GATC may take 2-3 months due to a high level of participants. Your patience is appreciated. 🙂
All women and non-binary cat people are welcome to apply!


  • APRIL: closed until further notice


To be considered for Girls and Their Cats, all of your cats must be rescued or adopted. Please send an email to apply@girlsandtheircats.com and include:

  • Recent photos of you and your cat (together or separate; photos must be attached–no zip files or links to folders)
  • Social media handles. I only consider ladies with public profiles (so I can see who you are!)
  • Which package you’d like (see above)
  • A 1-2 sentence bio. Tell me who you are and what you do.
  • The neighborhood you live in
  • Days of the week you are free
  • Your cat story (if you want to be featured on GATC)*

*The story should be detailed and personal. Anecdotes are encouraged! Tell me about your relationship with your cat. How have they changed your life? Talk about your cat’s personality or weird behavior. Does your cat have an amazing rescue story? Let me know! You can send an abridged version for now.


BriAnne is truly gifted at what she does, and her love of cats is so visible in her process as well as in the photographs that she makes. Not only did she know how to calmly handle and photograph two of my very nervous cats who were already in the throes of palpitations at seeing a stranger, she somehow did it wielding a camera with one hand while brandishing a cat toy in the other. After I saw the photos from our shoot, it truly felt like she’d captured the overwhelming affection I feel for my cats, their very specific personalities, and she did it all in less than half an hour. –Iva Dixit 
“I could not feel luckier than to have had the experience of being photographed by BriAnne with my fur butts. It was so easy (and fun!), and she captured us exactly as we are. Genuinely blessed as my beloved Queen Bun passed just a few weeks later. Truly a gift.” –Alyssa Mastromonaco
“Being photographed by BriAnne was like winning the coolest lottery I could have ever imagined.” –Dana Boyer
“BriAnne is, simply put, a cat whisperer. My little Margot is pretty shy and generally quite timid about new folks. When BriAnne visited our little abode, she charmed Margot almost immediately. Having her photograph us in our natural environment felt like an old, dear friend was just hanging out and snapping a few photos. What I thought might be a long, arduous process felt so fast and was so much fun, and the photos are stunning. BriAnne is not only a highly professional, seasoned photographer, but is also a kind and creative artist who takes great care with her subjects.” –Molly Kate
“On The day of the shoot, it took me a few minutes to relax. You were really easy to talk to, which helped tremendously. You felt comfortable to be around, which was nice. (Even when you had to help lift my mattress to find Ozzy!) You were direct and knew exactly what you wanted and were able to communicate in a way that wasn’t pushy. Overall it was a fun experience!” –Hannah Kinser
“It’s been said that animals are some of the hardest subjects to photograph, but my experience with BriAnne Wills suggests otherwise. Wills is not only a masterful photographer, but an engaging, sympathizing, and down-to-earth individual who knows how to connect with all her subjects—regardless of species.” –Ariana Bindman
“I have to admit that I was pretty excited to have BriAnne over. We had recently returned to Brooklyn after a year in my home country of Puerto Rico that came to an abrupt end in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Therefore, this experience was huge for our healing process. In a way, I felt seen. And I guess I needed that. So thank you!” –Ileán Pérez
“BriAnne shot me and my two cats for GATC, and it was one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences I’ve had in a while. First of all, she was a total expert in the extremely difficult art of getting a cat to look at the camera. With one arm, she’d hold her heavy DSLR with a giant attachment, and with the other she’d hold up a little toy to get their attention. She was so friendly with my cats and understood the subtlety and sensitivity it takes to coax certain shy ones out from their hiding places. BriAnne also made me feel very comfortable in front of the lens, even though I typically prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off how much I love my cats, and I wouldn’t have had any other photographer undertake this task. Thank you, BriAnne, for recording these memories!” –Qichen Zhang
“Being photographed by BriAnne was such a great experience! She made my cat and me comfortable right away, and we had a fun time doing the shoot. And, importantly, the photos turned out amazing. I’ll treasure them forever.” –Katie Knecht
“It was such a pleasure shooting with Brianne, and felt just like I was hanging out with a friend.  I was so grateful to have a portrait with my cat and be a part of her extremely cute project.” –Marissa Zappas
“BriAnne photographed Harry and me for GATC in 2016. We both felt at ease in her presence right away (as is apparent in the photos), and just overall loved her easygoing nature. A good time was had by all, and the pictures will be treasured for a lifetime!” –Kristin DuFour (Golembiewski)
“Huxley and I had a great time. BriAnne was very professional and warm, and even though we were meeting for the first time, I didn’t feel nervous. It was also great to have a record of that time of my life with Hux, and to have a beautiful portrait of me and my puff son. It was fun being able to talk about him in a nonjudgmental space and to share my bond with him.” –Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

If selected, here’s what you need to know:

How can I prep for the shoot?

  • Your home should be super-duper clean and organized. Dust bunnies are not fun to retouch, and clutter is distracting.
  • If you don’t already have cat treats, pick some up! They always help to motivate the cat.
  • Make sure to have a lint roller on hand. I won’t remove hair from clothes in post, so it’s best to take care of that as we go along.

How long is the shoot?

  • For the first two packages, it’s usually one hour, but can be longer depending on how cooperative your cat is. I like to sit and chat with you for the first 10 minutes to get to know you and help the cat feel comfortable with my presence.
  • The Cat Party package is 2 hours, to account for more people/cats.

What should I wear?

  • Wear whatever you want! But I highly recommend clothing that shows the least amount of cat hair. Black fabric is not ideal, but if you make sure to lint roll frequently I can make it work.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: apply@girlsandtheircats.com

Based outside the U.S.? You can apply to do an Instagram story takeover here.