West village

Claudia Dockery & Buster

All my life I have been a huge animal lover. I grew up riding horses, having bunnies hop around my bedroom, parakeets singing in my living room, and dogs running around in my backyard. However, the one thing my family never had was a cat since my brother was highly allergic. I was always really […]

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Cobble Hill

Rachel Zarrell & Pico

I moved to Brooklyn in 2013 and for the first time in my life got to live blissfully alone. But when the year was up, I realized how lonely a lot of the time had been. My friends rolled my eyes as I told them that my “cat womb” was sadly empty. At my first […]

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April Kae & Lumpy Space Princess

  I’m allergic to cats but love how sassy and snuggly they are, kind of like me. Because of my allergies, I was woefully resigned to never having a kitten baby of my own, doomed to live the life of a cat auntie, and never a cat mom. Then, a couple of years ago when […]

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Girls and Their Cats, the book

OMG! OMG!!! I’m thrilled to finally share the cover of my first book with Chronicle Books!⠀ ⠀ I’ve been working on this for a year, photographing and interviewing 50 cat ladies in cities all over the US, and I teamed up with my brilliant friend Elyse Moody to bring you amusing and relatable listicles and an adoption guide. […]

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Tatum Mangus & Margot

In 2009, I was living in San Francisco with my boyfriend and three other dudes. One day, we were all hanging out at Dolores Park and we saw this girl selling kittens out of a cardboard box for $10 each. They looked to be just a couple months old; I think the girl with the […]

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Sophie Butcher & Rabbit

I was traveling for work in Mexico when I got a text from my boyfriend – he sent me a picture of a black cat and wrote “uh oh.” My boyfriend, Marty, had grown up with cats, and he always told me stories about his beloved little black cat Bison who passed before I could […]

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Sophie Grant, Simon & Oliver

Last week a friend from out of town stayed with me and I asked them to write a description of my cats: “Brothers born in the back of a Brooklyn bodega between boxes of butter beans and brown bread, Simon and Oliver may be equally and infinitely handsome but their balance is defined more by […]

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Hells Kitchen

Sandra Choi, Milo & Chloe

I had a strange and dysfunctional childhood. One day, when I was around 12 years old, my dad brought home a cat. I reminded my irresponsible parents that I was allergic, but it didn’t matter, the cat was there to stay. We called him Yang, short for “koh-yang” which just means “cat” in Korean. I […]

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Christina Ha, Mr. Socks, Pickle & Tia

I had a lot of pets growing up — hamsters, turtles, dogs, fish, and even parakeets — but not cats. A childhood friend of mine had a cat, but she moved away when I was 7 so I never interacted with a cat again until my early 20s, when I discovered that I’m quite allergic […]

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