Sandra Hatton, Jemma & Apollo


I have always had cats growing up and missed the animal connection in my adulthood, so in 2011 I decided it was time to adopt my own. I looked all over and decided on Brooklyn Animal Action. I found and fell in love with an adorable black cat I named Dublin and couldn’t resist adopting his sister Jemma who was the cartoon cat version of a supermodel. Fluffy grey and white hair with bright green eyes, natural eyeliner, and lashes. Dublin was shy and skittish so he needed Jemma who was his confident best friend.XJ8A1078aThey came home with me on Oct. 12th, 2011. Unfortunately, at 9 months we lost Dublin to FIP and I spent all my rent and bill money trying to save his life despite the impossible odds. After he passed away, Jemma’s whole personality changed. She got depressed, didn’t play anymore. She developed asthma (she even has an inhaler). She started to just lie around and sulk so even though I didn’t want another cat, I knew I had to adopt another companion for her. I went back to Brooklyn Animal Action and the same foster mom who fostered Jemma and Apollo, had 9 kitties for me to choose from. That is where I found “Apollo the God that Strikes from Afar”. He was named by my friend York. I just call him Apollo. I chose him because he was clearly obsessed with me and smelt sweet like a flower. When I brought this cute little lanky orange kitty home I thought Jemma would be thrilled. Instead she wanted to kill or eat him. He was open to it and not afraid of her death threats. It was an exhausting two weeks until one day I placed Apollo’s tiny 8-week-old head on hers. She turned over and licked him and that was it—the first day they fell in love.

They are the best of friends and Jemma still acts like Apollo’s Mom. She’s always grooming him. Apollo does more of a love bite and run to show his affection but he’s always happy to receive cuddles.XJ8A1058aI travel 7-10 days a month for work so if they didn’t have each other I am not sure how either of them would survive. Jemma is a diva and knows she’s gorgeous so even though she’s sweet and cuddly she will only allow you to love on her if she intuitively knows you need it AND she likes you.  Apollo is obsessed with any and all affection, but he does have his favorites and for some reason he is scared of anyone loud or anyone I don’t like. We share favorite people.

My cats are super emotional just like me. Jemma always sits right next to me or under the covers when she knows I’m sad. Apollo gives actual kisses on command anytime I ask! They give me unconditional love and laughter every day.


Sandra Hatton is an executive for It’s Just lunch  and the co-owner and creator of Wild Oleander beauty bar in Bushwick. She has lived in NYC/Brooklyn for 11 years and is originally from Hawaii but grew up mostly in the Seattle area. She has always been a cat worshiper and loves all animals. She became a vegetarian in 2014 for that reason!

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Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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