Clinton Hill

Emily Gaynor & Sophie Anne

I’ve had cats my whole life, beginning with one my mom had in LA who ran away because I was born. I really have never not lived with cats, except for during college and then right after. I once got a rabbit from a woman in Union Square thinking that it’d fill the void of […]

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Mallory Heyer, Sinopa & Tesla

During my junior year of college, my roommate and I had such a bad mouse problem that I started calling the mice my other roommates. My human roommate and I went to the animal shelter because they had a BOGO on cats that day. How could we resist? I saw Sinopa in her little box […]

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Jasmine Anokye & Figgaro

My role as a cat lady began when I was around 3 years old. My childhood was spent living in Ghana with my GrandMama. Mama, my first introduction to the power of women, had a cat named Josephine. Striped with orange, white and black, Josephine had three legs and bright green eyes. I loved Josephine! […]

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Prospect Heights

Katie Knecht & Margot

I was born and raised in western Kentucky, where I was always surrounded by animals—we had a dog and at least two cats at all times when I was growing up, and my grandparents had horses and goats on their little farm. I’ve always felt a connection with animals that is much more difficult for […]

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