Laura Weiszer & Chester

XJ8A8216aIn 2012, my then-boyfriend and I decided to adopt a cat together. I wasn’t a cat person at all, so I’m not really sure why I agreed to it, but as soon as we started the adoption process and met the tiny kitten we would later name Lord Chesterfield, I fell in love. When we later split and went our separate ways, my ex kept the couch and I, fortunately, kept the cat.

XJ8A8211aChester can definitely be an asshole, but 93% of the time he’s really sweet. Even people who don’t like cats seem to like Chet. Every morning he comes into my room and plops himself right next to me like a cozy little spoon. If he really wants me to get up and feed him he’ll start nibbling on my toes. I once read that a cat would eat their human if they passed away, so I always think he’s checking to see if I’m dead and if he can start feasting on me. Often times, if I’ve been really quiet in my room for a while, I’ll hear him crying as he’s wandering around the house. When I call his name, he lets out this very specific “Meow??!” with a rising intonation and comes running upstairs. It’s so freaking endearing.

XJ8A8245aI used to work from home every day and I think Chester’s companionship had such a positive effect on my mood and mental health. For the first few years after I got him, my seasonal depression basically went away. Now I work as a freelance production designer and set decorator and I co-own a furniture and prop rental house called Betsu; I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with him, but we’re both always eager to cuddle when I get home. I’ve thought about getting a second cat to keep him company when I’m away, but he’s such an alpha I don’t think he’d want any other animals in the house.


Laura Weiszer is co-founder and creative director of Betsu.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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