Stephanie Buer & Matilda

XJ8A0551aI have loved cats my entire life. I had my first kitten when I was about 3 years old, I named him puffy. I can’t remember a time in my life when there was not a significant cat friend by my side. I got Lucy and Matilda just after I graduated from Art College, in Detroit, Michigan and started working full time. I was very excited because this would be my first time owning my own cats, outside of my parents’ home. I had an adorable apartment all to myself and my new kitty friends, we had a wonderful life together.



A lot has changed since then; I got married, divorced, moved from Detroit to Portland Oregon with both cats and started a career as an artist. About 4 years ago, Lucy passed away suddenly. It is now just me and Matilda. We live in a big old house in Portland Oregon with some really great friends who also have cats. Matilda has a hard time being friendly with her new kitty housemates. She is the queen of the house and loves to boss the boys around. She likes to steal their food when no one is looking too. Our room is her sanctuary. The fluffy cloud bed we share is her favorite place in the house and she can almost always be found sleeping there.

XJ8A0607aMatilda is 12 now and she is getting older, but she still seems so young. She is a big, fluffy, long-haired beautiful grey cat with big, soulful green eyes. I have many nicknames names for her: fluff princess, snuggle chunks, furmaid, furwhale, gray baby.  I love her so much. I spend my days in my studio painting and drawing. We wake up every morning together though, snuggle, head-butt in the cloud bed, have breakfast together. I can’t imagine a life without kitty friends in it. They’re so wonderful.

Stephanie Buer currently lives in Portland Oregon where she works full time as an artist, focusing on urban landscape paintings and drawings.  She is also crazy about biking, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and yoga.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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