Eva Goicochea, Winnie & Bea


In 2013, our Persian cat, Olive, passed from polycystic kidney disease (a common disease in this breed). Our other adopted Himalayan cat, Mr. Miyagi, was left as an only feline child. We took a weekend trip and left Mr. with a lot of food and water, but on the way home, we checked on our Nest cam and he was crying his head off. I had to do something. He was lonely! So I got on Petfinder, found a cat available for adoption, and made my husband turn the car around to go 30 miles to meet the cat I found.

The women was like, “This one (you came to see) is friendly, but I have this other shy orphan Persian cat who doesn’t really like people so I’ll give her to you for free.”

Sold. We put tiny little Bea in her carrier, and raced down the freeway stuffed in our Mini with our two dogs to introduce Mr. Miyagi to his new sister. Needless to say, they became best friends and he did his best to get Bea to be less shy.


After Mr. Miyagi passed away, heartbroken and not knowing if we wanted another cat, I randomly got on Craigslist and there was Winnie. Her old man owner couldn’t keep her and while I wasn’t sure, I asked his son to drop Winnie off for a weekend visit. That was three years ago.

She is absolutely the best medicine for heartbreak and is the clown of the house. She truly knows how to entertain herself—and everyone else.

Bea and Winnie are very yin and yang. Bea is shy and quiet with a grumpy streak, while Winnie is absolutely the ham of the house, ALWAYS happy and up for playing. Together, they are balanced and we imagine Winnie encouraging Bea to not take life so seriously. Every now and then, they cuddle. It’s pretty cute.


Eva Goicochea is the Co-Founder of Tinker Watches, and the Co-Founder/CEO of Maude, a modern sex essentials line launching in April. A sixth-generation New Mexican, she transplanted two years ago to New York by way of LA with Winnie and Bea, her two shih tzus, Addy and Colette, and a husband named Ian.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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