Crown Heights

Jessica Joiner & Slipper

I found Slipper through the powers of the internet. I was tagged several times in a post featuring 3 street kittens in need of a home. I never really considered myself a cat person, but when I saw this little ginger baby I felt him calling for me. So, I did some research and reached […]

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Eva Goicochea, Winnie & Bea

In 2013, our Persian cat, Olive, passed from polycystic kidney disease (a common disease in this breed). Our other adopted Himalayan cat, Mr. Miyagi, was left as an only feline child. We took a weekend trip and left Mr. with a lot of food and water, but on the way home, we checked on our […]

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Clinton Hill

Nomi Leasure, Atticus & Scout

Atticus (see also: Fatticus; Fatty-Cakes) walked – literally – into my life spring of 2013. On the invitation of a can of tuna served on the front stoop, the bold little thing, just under a year I’d have guessed by weight and length, waltzed into my apartment, at the time shared with three other girls (all confessed […]

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