Rose Smith, Lola & Bandit

I adopted Lola and Bandit on July 20th, 2013. I’d always had cats and dogs growing up, and I missed having a pet so much. I was learning more about rescuing animals and the statistics on how many animals are in shelters or euthanized, while more and more puppies and kittens are being bred, were alarming. I knew I would never buy an animal again and I wanted to do something that would help the #adoptdontshop movement. So, I decided to start fostering. My first foster was a momma cat and her five kittens. It was amazing!! She did most of the work, and I got to play with and socialize the kittens. There is literally nothing cuter than pulling back your sheets to see five kittens have climbed in to sleep in a little pile together.

When I picked up my third set of kittens, Lola and Bandit (FKA: Crispy and Cutie Pie), they were in a cardboard carry box. I decided not to look inside until I got home. I remember opening the box and seeing Bandit’s tiny little smudge face and the first thing I thought was she is really funny looking (sorry Bandit!). They were 4 weeks old and so tiny and playful.

XJ8A5831a I don’t know what it was about them, but I knew they had to be mine. I had no intentions of adopting two cats, but here I am four years later and have not regretted a single thing. They bring so much joy to my life and constantly make me laugh. I love their company and their weird personalities and habits. It amazes me how they’re SO different from each other when they’ve had the exact same life.

XJ8A5782aBandit pretends she is independent and cool, but secretly loves and needs company. She loves being mischievous for attention and exploring and playing, but she REALLY loves a nice cardboard box and sleeping in a pile of freshly washed sheets.


Lola is beautiful weirdo who is obsessed with water. She needs to be on you at all times with undivided attention, with her paws in your hand. Lola apparently has a great sense of humor too. I had a call with a cat psychic who told me Lola said “I am very beautiful, so it is my job to keep things looking good around here.” She also told the psychic she loves when I play happy music because it makes me happy, and she would like it if I took more pictures of her because she is very beautiful – and I truly believe she said that.


Rose Smith is a model from Perth, Australia. She moved to New York 6 years ago and spends her time between Brooklyn and Upstate New York. 











Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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