Renee Chen, Arya & Temujin

Temujin and Arya are really my step kids. My husband rescued them from his ex girlfriend. Spending over $10,000 in Chinese bribes to get them out of Asia and into the United States during his tumultuous repatriation, he crash landed in New York City and into my life. 


The first time I met these babies I knew immediately my husband was the one. I just had to be their mom! Right after my husband and I got married, I found out my brother, a mynah bird I’ve had since I was 10, passed away and my parents had kept it a secret from me. It was a very depressing time and the kitties did everything to comfort me. They knew what was happening to me without a word ( a lot can be said through bunting). Day after day they cuddled with me, bathed me and licked my tears away. I wouldn’t know how to get out of my depression without their warm bellies and fluffy butts. Thanks to them, I’m now a full on cat lady. While thanks to me, they have never been more spoiled.

Temujin @fatninjatemujin is the brother, his hobby includes snacking, snoozing and punching sister Arya in the face sometimes. Currently working as a private ninja for hire. 


XJ8A6174aArya is the sister who loves practicing white magic, taking elegant baths and cuddling with humans. Currently unemployed and living a good life, like a real princess. 

Renee Chen is a fashion designer/ graphic designer and founder of HoneySucker Apparel @honeysuckerapparel


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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