Gabrielle Lamontagne & Fievel

Fievel and I met at the Aspca on 92nd street in June 2016. He was barely 2 month old and had tested positive for FIV (which eventually cleared) so he couldn’t share a space with other kittens. He was so playful and not shy at all. I’ve always had cats around me, but Fievel has […]

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Rose Smith, Lola & Bandit

I adopted Lola and Bandit on July 20th, 2013. I’d always had cats and dogs growing up, and I missed having a pet so much. I was learning more about rescuing animals and the statistics on how many animals are in shelters or euthanized, while more and more puppies and kittens are being bred, were […]

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Murray Hill

Renee Chen, Arya & Temujin

Temujin and Arya are really my step kids. My husband rescued them from his ex girlfriend. Spending over $10,000 in Chinese bribes to get them out of Asia and into the United States during his tumultuous repatriation, he crash landed in New York City and into my life.  The first time I met these babies […]

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