Eva Karagiorgas, Pixou, Kimou, Buddy & Bumby


My loves Pixou and Kimou are brothers and have the most incredible and odd personalities. Kimou reminds me of a monkey, he’s very playful, kind and intelligent. Sometimes I call him a “him-bo” because he just LOVES attention any way he can get it.


Pixou we call the professor. He is refined and has high tastes. He loves sleeping between me and my boyfriend or on my head. He is also big-boned and feels so lovely and cuddly to hold. I was never ever an animal person let alone a cat person, but my ex wanted to adopt kitties and very very lucky for me, I got them in the breakup! Having them around has been so fun and funny and I love taking care of them. They make life a lot less stressful.


Interestingly enough, my boyfriend also has two cats, Bumby and Buddy. We moved in together in February and that makes me a mom to four, yes four cats! Bumby is a beautiful girl with the blackest hair and the greenest eyes. She’s the sweetest thing and a bit of an air-head! Buddy is an older gentleman with the coloring of Axl Rose and a propensity for meow-ing a lot when he wants food or attention. He also likes to hang out under blankets.


So, having four kitties has been very fun and very interesting trying to integrate the two families (as you know, kitty groups are very territorial). Luckily, we have two floors so one group is upstairs and the other group is downstairs and they are separated for now.

Eva Karagiorgas is a born and bred New Yorker, likely never to leave! She started Mona Creative, a creative marketing and PR agency, two years ago after working in marketing for over 13 years and refuses to work for anyone ever again. She loves being her own boss! Mona focuses mainly on food and wellness brands. She’s a big cook and food lover, and went to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and worked for Bon Appetit magazine so she’s always cooking at home. Funnily enough, she also loves working out. Balance, right? In addition, she is very into spirituality and the magical parts of life and always exploring different aspects of herself and learning from higher teachings. She promises she’s not a witch though!



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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