Jade Taylor, Fredrick & Edie


I adopted Fredrick when I was 17 and he was 2. I had just moved to New York City and I found him via Craigslist because his former owner was moving out of state and couldn’t bring him with her, so I’d like to think the universe brought us together! We were all either of us had when we met.

Fast forward 9 years later: I’m almost 26, and he’s 11. We’ve really grown up together in so many ways. He’s my best friend, my son, my entire world. He’s one of the most lovable cats I’ve ever met in my life—he’s a gigantic ham and has such a great cat personality.


I know this is going to sound crazy (but whatever), we’re kind of telepathic with each other. He can always sense when I don’t feel good and vice versa. I think the longer you bond with your cat, the more you begin to open up this really beautiful portal to understanding one another.

XJ8A0762aOver this summer, my boyfriend and I decided to adopt another cat as a companion for Fredrick since he’s getting older. I was terrified because, like myself, Fredrick is such an only child. We went to the ASPCA in Brooklyn “just to look” and fell in love with our “little” Edie! We named her after Edith Bouvier Beale, of course. She’s only a year old, but she has a such a wise and calming essence. Thankfully it only took a few days for them to start bonding, and now they’re obsessed with each other! We got really lucky. She loves to sleep on my crystals and sit by me while I paint—she’s a magical kitty. I think they look like siblings! Maybe it’s just their orange coloring, but I think they have really similar faces, too.XJ8A0604aEven though Fredrick is literally 10 years older than her, she intimidates him and he’s such a wimp around her. It’s hilarious. They play all the time and chase each other around the apartment. Our astrological family dynamic is really interesting, too. I’m a Sagittarius, my boyfriend is a Libra, Fredrick is an Aquarius, and Edie is a Leo—so the girls are both fire signs and the boys are both air signs, which I think is really apparent in our respective personalities.”

Jade Taylor is the beauty director at House of Intuition! She’s a tarot reader, astrologer, intuitive painter, and the former beauty director at NYLON magazine. She lives in Bushwick with her two cats Fredrick and Edie, and her human boyfriend Ian.



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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