Allie Wuest & Claude



“I may be biased, but I think he’s a very special cat. Most people who meet him are surprised that he acts more like a puppy than a cat. He’s truly the most confident cat I’ve ever met—friendly, playful, outgoing. Claude is a ragdoll breed, so he’s “floppy,” meaning he loves to be held and carried around. Sometimes he cries like a baby until I pick him up.

We always joke that he’s such a Gemini (his birthday is June 19) because he’s either being the cuddliest cat or is super busy playing a game. His favorite thing in the entire world is paper bags. If I go grocery shopping and bring back paper bags, he will cry until I remember to take the groceries out and give him the bag to sleep in.

XJ8A6852aI had been wanting to adopt a cat for a long time, taking several trips to shelters. One night I was checking Craigslist to see if there were any adoption events in my area coming up. I saw a listing for a tiny, long-haired kitten who needed a new home because he didn’t get along with the owner’s other cat. I contacted the owner around 9pm, thinking maybe I would go over the weekend to meet the kitten. After learning both the cat and the kitten were incredibly distressed—they really didn’t get along—I ended up going to the woman’s home that same night. When I arrived, it was around 10pm and the kitten was loudly crying and hiding under the bathroom sink. The owner scooped him up and placed him into my arms. I couldn’t believe it, but he immediately began purring.

He was underweight but had the longest fur, it was like holding a little fluff ball. I knew immediately that he was the kitten I was looking for. I named him Claude because he was like a little fluffy cloud. I’m happy to say that these two cats that didn’t get along are now both living happily in their respective homes. Claude’s previous owner said it was meant to be.”


Allie Wuest works in publishing and lives with Claude in the East Village.



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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