Dana Boyer & Peewee



“Peewee came to live with me after I tried to adopt a kitten in Brooklyn. I was all set to take a kitten and then the guy who had the kitten totally ghosted me so I was in this headspace of “maybe the universe doesn’t think I need a kitten right now”. Some friends of mine in Philly had just stumbled upon a litter of five and then convinced me and 4 of their other friends to take these guys home with us. I went to visit them and they were so teeny and silly looking. Peewee was the runt and on his walk over to me there was a dish of water in his path. Instead of walking around it he just plowed right through the water dish, splashing it everywhere and not seeming to care one bit. That was pretty much the deciding moment for me, and he rode in my jean jacket (even though I had a carrier) on the train back to Brooklyn.


Even now he is obsessed with water- he loves drinking out of the bathroom sink and will sit in the sink and stare until someone turns it on. If I can’t find him he is often prowling around in the bathtub.


We have a ritual that we like to do when I get home – I’ll lay on the couch and he’ll jump on me and snuggle into my chest for pets and purrs like a madman. We’ll stay like that until he’s had enough and then I can carry on with my day. It’s the best end of a workday therapy I can think of and if we don’t do “the thing” he follows me around until I make time for it.


I’m sure everyone says this but he’s honestly my best companion- when I’ve had a rough day or I’m not feeling well or I’m going to bed- all I can think about is getting into bed with him. He’s really taught me so much about showing up and having a pet, even when it’s inconvenient or annoying. It’s a very grounding experience and I’m kind of obsessed with him.”


Dana Boyer is a hairdresser based in NYC. She works on set in fashion and advertising, styling hair and listening to people’s life stories. Her job is about doing hair but is also about giving people confidence and good energy to go and do a great job on set so she can get back to her cat! When she’s not at work she’s often at home, working on her indoor garden or perusing the local market for dinner ideas.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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