Sabina Mamedova & Clementine


“I call Clementine a trash cat. She was rescued during an awful snowstorm that hit the East Coast five years ago. There were over three feet of snow on the ground and blistering winds. For a few days I watched neighbors feed a small cat hiding between garbage cans right outside of our apartment building, And I grew increasingly worried as the snow kept falling and temperatures dropped. No one seemed to want to bring the cat inside.


Brooklyn strays and I go way back. I grew up in south Brooklyn and a running theme of my childhood was stray cats. I’d bring home at least one kitten each spring, or at least tried to. I’ve a soft spot for cats, and in quintessential Sabina behavior ran out to bring the trash cat inside to ardent protest from my then boyfriend.


She was a bitch. For over a year, I had to carry a water gun on me at all times in the apartment. Clementine launched an attack against me from the moment I brought her in. She would turn her little face sideways (so as to get a bigger chunk of flesh) and bite deeply into my ankles, swat and slash at my hands any time I tried to touch her, and generally harassed me with incessant assaults against my very existence — she once sent me to the ER.

Clementine couldn’t be more different now. She somehow transformed into the sweetest most gentle girl over the years. She likes to lie on my chest and pet my chin or cheek in the morning. It’s the most tender gesture and makes my heart swell with affection for her. Unsure if she’s just figured out it makes me feed her the good stuff.

I think I loved the meanness out of her. Love conquers all, amiright?”

Sabina Mamedova is Director of Product at Unbound (@unboundbox) a women’s sexual wellbeing company. A native Brooklynite who thinks a home is not a home without a cat, Sabina literally designed her Bed-Stuy apartment with Clementine’s coloring in mind.



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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