-SMALLS CAT FOOD CAMPAIGN- Maggie Vocos, Millie & Scaredy

*This post is from my campaign shoot for Smallsforsmalls.com*

“Millie and Scaredy were an accidental package deal when we adopted them. Scaredy was only 6 weeks old and needed a foster family so when we got Millie at a year old, Scaredy joined. Then, of course, we couldn’t say goodbye. I think the biggest difference between the two is how they like to be loved.

Millie is sensitive, confident, and sweet. She likes soft touches, belly rubs, and laying nearby but not necessarily on us.

Scaredy is skittish, loud, and wary of people. She loves hard scratches and if we are sitting or laying, she needs to be touching us. She’ll climb as high on our chest as possible to be near. She constantly seeks attention and will meow loudly if my husband and I are hugging because she wants to join in (or thats what we tell ourselves in our weird cat people minds).

With one another they are like sisters – they fight, and groom each other, sleep next to each other with their paws intertwined (which kills me and I’m like a freaky stage mom taking photos of them, snapping my fingers above my head). My favorite moments are when all four of us are in bed. Lucas and I afraid of moving an inch as to not disturb the fragile situation. ”

Maggie Vocos is the Creative Director for Article One Eyewear.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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