-SMALLS CAT FOOD CAMPAIGN- Megan Karande, Pippin & Lentil

*This post was from my campaign shoot for Smallsforsmalls.com*


“With Pippin, it was love at first sight. My boyfriend and I had been planning to get a cat for some time, but we decided to wait a while after we moved in together. That lasted all of two days, when I paused in front of a vet’s window during a walk through our new neighborhood, and spotted Pippin, the most beautiful kitten. Little black nose, white front paws, and a dapper tuxedo. We convinced ourselves not to adopt him, and then changed our minds an hour later. He spent those early weeks hopping in and out of boxes as we unpacked, making our apartment feel like a home long before we had a functional shower curtain.


A year later, we kept batting around the idea of a second cat, but whenever one of us would spot a potential adoption, the other person would be the voice of reason and say no. And then we saw Lentil and neither of us felt like being the voice of reason. Lentil was a recently rescued stray, shaggy and emaciated but also eager to cuddle from the beginning. If Pippin is the prototypical cat — that is, aloof — Lentil is the dog of our apartment, flopping on the floor to demand belly scratches when I return home from work and spending hours curled up in the nook of my arm. Or licking our hair and faces if we don’t wake up early enough in the morning.

I never had a pet before these two, and now I can’t imagine coming home to an empty apartment.”


Megan Karande works at Square and moonlights as a painter. She lives in Brooklyn with her two very large cats and her one very tall boyfriend.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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