Christina Lundy, Mollie, Bean & Remy


“My little best friend’s name is Bean. I’ve lived in NY my whole life except for 1.5 years I spent in New Orleans. My boyfriend, Michael, and I lived in this cute little apartment in the French quarter that opened out into a garden. I’ve always been super into cats, but never had one because I moved so much. While living in this apartment I claimed a little calico kitten stray as my own. I called her (who I thought was a he at the time) Mr.Kitten. I would feed her and let her in my apartment during the day and then back out at night. One day she came to my door and was pregnant! Then a good amount of time went by and I hadn’t seen her at all. I got pretty upset about this, but my boyfriend tried to assure me that she was off having her kittens somewhere safe. I didn’t buy it and would stress over it.

A few weeks later, I found out some woman around the corner from us had the kittens. I flipped and immediately got in contact with her. I really believe she was an animal hoarder, but she would never allow me in her apartment. She said she had lots of dogs and cats and a rabbit already and couldn’t keep the kittens. She was always going back and forth changing her mind by the hour telling me to help find homes for the kittens and other times she would insist on keeping all of them (which I wasn’t going to let happen). Eventually I convinced her to give me the kittens and I made sure they all got their vaccinations and checkups. I found homes for them and kept little Bean for myself. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. He was the cutest little bean of a cat with a huge personality. A few months later I moved back to NY, taking Bean with me. One brother is still in NOLA, one lives in Philly and another sadly passed away when he was taken in to get neutered. Bean has lived in 5 different apartments and had 4 different cat roommates in his 6 years in this world.

He is truly my best friend. I like to say that he’s a Southern Gentleman always dressed in his fancy tuxedo. He is such a little rascal, always making mischief and I can’t imagine my world without him. Right now, I live in Park Slope with my girlfriend and her cat, Remy. I just moved in there a few weeks ago and we are so relieved that Bean and Remy have become instant best friends. ” – Christina

“I was living alone and ready to adopt a kitten. My one requirement was that they had a pink nose. When I met Remy I fell in love with him. He was so tiny and cute. He’s almost 2 now and kind of a spaz, high energy and scared of his own reflection, but he and Bean get along really well. I’m glad they have each other as friends.” – Mollie

Christina Lundy is a hair stylist at a salon in the LES called Fringe and Mollie Bernstein works at Dia Art Foundation. They both grew up in Long Island, NY and have been together a year and a half.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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