Ridgewood, Queens

Maggie Freleng, Bandit & Daisy

  “I went to the shelter looking for a kitten. I’ve never had a kitten because I always take in older rescues so it was time to treat myself. But when I went to the shelter I found Bandit, a 6-month-old blind cat, the shelter worker said had been there for months. No one wanted […]

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Crown Heights

Chelsea Trout & Mushu

  “I began fostering with the NYCACC in the beginning of 2014. It was my junior year in college, and I felt simultaneously compelled to begin volunteering again and severe separation anxiety from having a pet. It was a fairly quick progression into fostering kittens for me. I started fostering 1-2 kittens every few months, […]

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Ilana Dadras & Maloos

“Maloos is the biscuit-making champion of Sullivan Street, with tiny folded gray ears, an incredible vocal range and a fluffy, raccoon-striped tail. She is at once moody and loving, independent and loyal. She’ll awake from a deep slumber to follow me off the couch no matter what, as if she can’t bear to imagine me […]

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