Ana Coccioletti & Tabitha Potato


“I grew up with cats but took a break after my sweet childhood cat passed away a few years ago. It took a *very* influential visit to a cat cafe in Tokyo to get me thinking about cats again. My boyfriend surprised me with baby Tabitha Potato after a month of back and forth kitten pics. Tabitha Potato is a sweet and curious little cat. (She believes) she has full reign of my apartment and is still figuring out her place with her Old English Sheepdog sister, Aiko. Despite having not one but two water dishes, T Potato only likes Aiko’s. She enjoys sleeping on faces, pouncing on dust bunnies and following me around my apartment. Her favorite human food to steal is parmesan cheese, but any aged cheese will do. She is Potato, Sweet Potato, Tabby Tato and Tater. She is the best cat friend a girl could have.”

Ana Coccioletti is an artist and plant enthusiast living in Bushwick.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

One thought on “Ana Coccioletti & Tabitha Potato

  1. Your blog name made me smile because my Louis Catorze very firmly likes BOYS. He gravitates towards them like a bee to a honey pot, & this includes men that he doesn’t know (delivery drivers, builders etc.).


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