Bianca Monica & Lamb

“I was never a cat person. I grew up with two big black labs when I was young, and after that, a little shih​-t​zu named Kingston.

But my fears of becoming a cat lady changed this year.

Last spring, my roommate’s girlfriend, Carli, found a litter of kittens behind bushes up against a barn in Miami. They were malnourished and their eyes were wide shut. She took them in and cared for them until they were healthy enough for her to give away to friends.

I was nervous about it, but I’ve wanted a cat for a few years already. I was going to adopt a few times, but it just never happened. I fell in love with Lamb over Skype. It was her spotted tummy and little meow that made me tear up. Carli called her Runt, for obvious reasons. My roommate fell in love with Creamy- he looks like a creamsicle, so that’s where his name came from.

Ever since they touched down in New York, Lamb has become my best friend. Her purr calms me down when I’m stressed and anxious, and she always lies across my keyboard when I’m working. She’s currently lying in my lap and I’ve got to keep moving her paw from my mouse.

Lamb likes coffee, just like her momma. If you leave a glass of Almond Milk on the counter, she’ll stick her entire face in and slurp it up until it’s gone. She only wants to be snuggled when she’s in the mood, also just like her momma.

If my door is shut, her high pitched and sweet meow calls out until I open, allowing her to hop into my bed and curl up in my arm. I sleep with my face buried into her neck or tummy. When I’m practicing piano she makes her way into my lap. She also bitch slaps Creamy. It’s funny to watch because he’s such a big sweet dork.

Lamb’s personality just reminds me of me. A little bit of feistiness but ultimately just wants to give a lot of love

… and drink a bunch of coffee.”

Bianca Monica is a singer-songwriter based in NY. By day, and sometimes night and weekends, she runs a social media and digital marketing agency called Limóne Creative. They help brands see their visions more clearly and make a mark in the social and digital space.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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