Kacy Shelton, Mim & Fiona

“Five years ago, I was a sophomore in college, and I was desperately needing a cat in my life. My roommate had a tragic cat allergy, so after months of searching, I found this sweet hypoallergenic naked purple kitten. I remember being really confused about the direction I should pet her. She had barely any hair on her, but each winter, she gets fuzzier and fuzzier. I’m absolutely in love with her hilarious winter peach fur. Mim is a chubby naked babe. She is my baby plucked poultry with a loud rumbling purr.

A year after I met Mim, I found Fiona. Fiona was on Craigslist because she is a wonderful and talented hunter and couldn’t control her urge to murder a bird that had been in the family for decades. I can’t imagine choosing a bird over her! She is so silly and flirty and outspoken. I’m so lucky. Fiona is a ham and always has something to say, and she always wants to be with us. She greets us at the door every time. The only time she is quiet is when she’s on my lap. Sometimes she’ll hop off, go into the other room, and start complaining that we didn’t follow her.”

Kacy Shelton moved from Portland, OR to Manhattan to be with her badass chef girlfriend. She’s reading Maggie Nelson’s “Bluets” right now. She likes cuddling with all 3 of her ladies, people-watching on the subway, discovering new favorite taco trucks, and the thrill of running through the airport to catch a plane.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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