Tea Leigh & Mush

“Mush was found at a meat packing plant somewhere outside of Philly by some union workers who took him in, got him back to health and then sent him to the shelter. They found him with a bum eye, eatin’ street meat.

Mush came into my life when I met my partner. He had had the cat for about 6 months before I met him. They were living in their bachelor pad in Philly where mush had free reign of kitten terror. When we first met, I have to admit I didn’t care for him and he felt the same way. He would fuck with me while I slept and refused to interact with me during the day. The love crept in slowly over time and eventually he won me over, which was his plan from the jump, I’m sure. The thing about Mush is he doesn’t really care about us at all, we are just here to serve his demands. Food, pets, and A LOT of alone time. He is very lucky that he is cute as shit.
He’s the only cat I know that hates toys and treats and he really isn’t that curious. In fact, he’s kind of dumb but in that really charming and cute way that has you saying “aw bless his heart” a lot.

Eventually after being in his life for about six months, he started waking me up in the morning by sitting next to my head, looking me dead ass in my eyes and purring at his loudest volume. He has one of those machine gun purrs that is impossible to ignore or to fall asleep to. He’s also blind in one eye which makes his stare even more intense for some reason, so when he looks at you, you listen. Eventually, once I fed him every morning, he became OBSESSED with me. I realized cats were really badass at that point because any time I was sad he would sit next to me until I felt better. He is picky about when he shares his love, but he always knows when to do it at just the right time. I am blessed he’s in my life and I secretly (not so secretly) think he’s starting to love me more than his dad. whoops! I’m pretty sure you can tell where he gets the name by these photos. Like a little ball of mush.”

Tea Leigh is a hand poke tattooer and musician living in Brooklyn. Hailing from Denton, TX, she has lived in Brooklyn for 5 years where she started her tattooing career. She lives in Crown Heights with her partner, cat, and dog.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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