Ashley Meyers & Oliver

“One evening about a year ago I was walking with some friends in Brooklyn heading to some get-together, when this little peanut ran up to us out of nowhere meowing purrrfusly while staring into my soul. I was apparently born with the gift of an aura that attracts kitty cats where ever I go. This […]

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East Village

Meghan Farrell & Blue

“Blue and I found each other last September. Every day I’d take the subway at Union Square, and almost every day I’d see her playing in her cage. She was with a woman who was offering cats for adoption. The kittens in other cages slept peacefully. Blue, however, was a pistol. She would try to […]

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Washington Heights

Kacy Shelton, Mim & Fiona

“Five years ago, I was a sophomore in college, and I was desperately needing a cat in my life. My roommate had a tragic cat allergy, so after months of searching, I found this sweet hypoallergenic naked purple kitten. I remember being really confused about the direction I should pet her. She had barely any […]

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Crown Heights

Tea Leigh & Mush

“Mush was found at a meat packing plant somewhere outside of Philly by some union workers who took him in, got him back to health and then sent him to the shelter. They found him with a bum eye, eatin’ street meat. Mush came into my life when I met my partner. He had had […]

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