Nadia Quinn, Pierre & Clementine


Pierre and Clementine (formerly known as Tony and Diamond- obviously fresh off a former kitten-life as Vegas Show Cats) came into our home in 2009 at 8 weeks old. I promised my hubby we’d get a cat as soon we got married and literally two days after our wedding we adopted these brother and sister cats. I love how distinct their personalities are- Clementine is very ladylike and demure, but also a sneaky-sneak. She will locate your most important item and then stare you in the eyes while she slowly pushes it onto the floor. Pierre is our trans-cat. When he was a kitten he had crystals in his bladder that wouldn’t fit through his boy pee hole. Doctors removed his peen and turned it into a lady-cooch. He’s been a little crankier since (can you blame him?), but is still the dopiest, sweetest cat I’ve ever known. They are my best friends. Clementine chews through all my bathing suit straps and is obsessed with chewing on wires and cords. One night we woke up to crazy sounds behind our bed to find her being electrocuted by a lamp-cord she’d been chomping on. Aaron (hubby) flew into savior-mode and unplugged the lamp/untangled her mouth/saved her little cat life! (either that or she’s one down, 8 to go.) It hasn’t happened since, but she still chews on every wire as if she can’t remember where that led her in the past. When Pierre was less than a year old, he crawled out the window onto our fire escape and went all the way up to the top floor of our building. Luckily, my friend Meghan lives in that apartment and she brought him inside and texted me that she’d found him. I was at work and had no idea he’d gone missing. Meanwhile, Aaron was running around the neighborhood frantically searching for him so he wouldn’t have to tell me he’d lost the cat. I called him and very casually asked how his night was going. Definitely let him sweat a little before I let him know Meghan had Pierre up on the 4th floor.

These cats are so sneaky and lovely and silly and funny and dumb, but I’m also fully convinced they understand English- I mean, if you lived with people speaking a foreign language for 9 years, wouldn’t you pick it up? I love them so much. If you don’t have a cat and you’re thinking about getting a cat…. get a cat. Cats are the best. I love cats. #Cats.

Nadia Quinn is an actress, singer, writer, photographer, comedienne & producer living in NYC and LA. She loves cats and hates cilantro.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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