Afsy Kafei & Lucy

“I adopted Lucy from the humane society in Central Florida when she was just a little tiny kitten.  Since then, we’ve seen five different apartments, two different states, and 6 years of morning snuggles.  Lucy is what I would call the epitome of sassy.  Always playful, and always with a mind of her own, I’ve met few pets that are as expressive as she is.  She’s the best feline friend a girl could ask for, and acts like my little shadow, following me everywhere I go in my apartment.  My roommate jokes that Lucy might be a little obsessed with me since she’s always on my heels, but I think it’s me who is a little obsessed with her.  My favorite part of her is how social and attentive she likes to be. If I have friends over, she joins the group as if she’s one of the gals.  Just recently I was sick in bed for almost a week, and her little feline self never left my side.  Cats, I think, must really have a sixth sense of when their owners need just a little bit more TLC, and this is especially true for my Lucy.

Just a few months into our relationship, my boyfriend exclaimed one night, “I understand now why people have cats.” This, coming from a person who had never lived with a cat!  That’s just the kind of cat Lucy is, she’ll win you over rather quickly.”

Afsy Kafei lives in S. Williamsburg, Brooklyn and works for various local historic preservation groups, as well as the World Monuments Fund. 



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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