Kate Hyatt & Rufus

“Rufus is the warmest, sweetest, coolest living creature. He carries dollar bills or toy mice around in his mouth all the time. I’m obsessed with the long, huge chunks of hair that eek out of his paws. He often slips around the wood floors and into a room, all Cosmo Kramer-like. His purr machine turns on easily and often. I think his tail has a soul – it’s upright and sways as he saunters around the house. His number one thrill is chasing feathers on a stick, aka fake birds. He leaps high in the air, flopping around, bumping into the coffee table, bouncing off the couch, or clumsily ‘landing’ himself on the carpet. He has serious ups. I’ve never heard a cuter sound from any living thing than when he jumps up onto the bed – he makes a little double chirp noise that I need to record asap.

Whenever we have people over he is right in the thick of things, hanging out in the living room, ears swiveling around like he is really listening. Once he played a 70 point scrabble word and asked me to open him a beer. Jk I wish.

I can’t believe this guy is still a kitten, continuing to get bigger, hairier and funnier. I pretty much think about him 68% of the day. Every time I walk in the door, he rolls over and waits for a belly rub and a cuddle session. He makes me feel more filled with love and joy than I ever could have imagined.”

Kate Hyatt is the SVP of Branded Content Operations & Solutions at Refinery29. She lives in Carroll Gardens with her fiancé Ben and Rufus the Siberian cat.



Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

One thought on “Kate Hyatt & Rufus

  1. Happiness! Now inspired to find a Siberian or perhaps (golden doodle) as only have experienced dogdom. Kate’s affection, has been largely 4 legged street pups with instant aduration. So Rufus was an aguired affection. So like father and daughter, birds of a feather, now, but again, fur adventure is a thing. Maybe. KATE call dad.

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