Nadia Quinn, Pierre & Clementine

  Pierre and Clementine (formerly known as Tony and Diamond- obviously fresh off a former kitten-life as Vegas Show Cats) came into our home in 2009 at 8 weeks old. I promised my hubby we’d get a cat as soon we got married and literally two days after our wedding we adopted these brother and sister cats. […]

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Afsy Kafei & Lucy

“I adopted Lucy from the humane society in Central Florida when she was just a little tiny kitten.  Since then, we’ve seen five different apartments, two different states, and 6 years of morning snuggles.  Lucy is what I would call the epitome of sassy.  Always playful, and always with a mind of her own, I’ve […]

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Carroll Gardens

Kate Hyatt & Rufus

“Rufus is the warmest, sweetest, coolest living creature. He carries dollar bills or toy mice around in his mouth all the time. I’m obsessed with the long, huge chunks of hair that eek out of his paws. He often slips around the wood floors and into a room, all Cosmo Kramer-like. His purr machine turns […]

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