Hells Kitchen

Elvy Yost & Rubbish

  “It was a cold and lonesome winter, and I was playing a pet owner in a wonderful play. The bohemian unguessable will-o’-the-wisp life of an actress had convinced me I couldn’t be a pet owner in real life, but I was about to be surprised. One cold and rainy morning that winter, thanks to […]

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Christina Grasso & Betty

“Two years ago, I underwent a lengthy hospitalization for anorexia. It was a huge disruption having to suddenly take a leave from work and put a pause on my life for 3 months, and I was not thrilled to say the least.  I had weekly visits from therapy dogs which I loved, because I was […]

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Jen Hsieh, Bubba & Jeff Goldblum

“We first welcomed Bubba, our 12-year old, flat-faced, grandpa of a cat, into our lives after his first human passed away and then was bullied by other cats at his second home. He was too big to fit into a cat carrier, so when his second human’s car arrived to drop him off, Bubba was […]

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