Cat Corcoran & Pearl

“I had the incredible fortune of adopting Pearl from my best friend Jordyn, who travels more often than not. And while not a typical adoption scenario, the saying ”Cats find you” couldn’t be more true. Pearl made her way from Mansfield, Ohio (which isn’t far from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA) to the Upper East Side where Jordyn instantly fell in love with her, then across town to the Upper West Side, where we were living at the time. After moving to Brooklyn with my boyfriend, we became Pearl’s official babysitters, and our bond only grew stronger. It’s been a little over a year since we adopted Pearl, and I can’t imagine life without her vivacious purrs, lopsided run, and super prickly kisses.

I’ve met other Persians, other Himalayans, but Pearl really is the most stunning cat I’ve ever seen! And she knows it… I catch her staring at herself in the mirror sometimes. She knows she’s beautiful and uses it to her advantage, trust me. She requires a lot of maintenance, but I don’t mind, because I truly love taking care of her. I constantly have to clean her eyes because they often fill with a rust-colored gunk. But I wipe her, and she purrs, and it’s kind of our ritual. It’s like we’re both getting ready together in the morning: I do my makeup, wipe her goop-filled eyes, brush both of our hair, and then we’re ready to start the day…

Pearl fascinates me in so many ways and I’m sure other pet parents say this, but I swear she thinks she’s a human. She tries to sit at the table with us at dinner, will look more interested in the TV show playing than we do, and is so afraid of other cats, it’s almost as if she doesn’t realize SHE’S A CAT. She also lovesssss men. She acts completely different with me than how she acts with my boyfriend. With him, it’s all cuddles and snuggles, while she considers me a giant toy. We play hide and seek and a weird cat version of it-tag and she does this incredible move where she arches her back and trots away (If I could get it on camera, she’d be the next viral video sensation.)

People constantly yell at me (lovingly) and ask why Pearl doesn’t have her own Instagram. But I promise, I’m working on it, because this smushy-faced diva deserves all the internet fame in the world.”

Caitlin Corcoran moved to New York at 18 to attend FIT. She’s currently the Digital Copywriter at Komar, where they design, manufacture and market sleepwear and lingerie for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Her latest project has been a 31 Day PJ Challenge, where she bet her boss she could wear pajamas every day for the entire month of January. When she’s not documenting her pj adventures or hanging with Pearl, you can find her taking classes/attending improv shows at UCB, exploring new restaurants in Jersey City (where she currently lives) or bopping around town with her fellow social butterfly best friends.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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