Rebecca Henderson, Dizzi & King

“In 2010, I wandered into Kitty Kind, a cat adoption organization run out of the PetCo at Union Square. A couple of years prior, my friend had adopted sibling cats and raved about them constantly so I was looking for two related or bonded kittens/cats. I had been looking for almost a year but hadn’t yet found my future fur-children. That day I came across two tiny adorable ginger brothers and a beautiful calico sister and her black/white brother.

As I held them and stared at them and worried about the responsibility of adopting animals, a woman who may have been the oldest human in existence shuffled past me mumbling “Ginger boys are the best cats in the world.” That was the sign I needed. And she was right! I adopted my orange babies and named them Dizzi and King after my roommates at the time, Maria Dizzia and Libby King.

Seven years later, I am floored by how amazing, playful, and snuggly Dizzi and King are. They love people and will cuddle with absolutely anyone. They know their names and come when they’re called. They meow if I say “Want a treat?” They are so in love– they clean each other and wrestle daily. Even though they have two separate beds side by side, they often sleep together in the same bed. Like an orange and white yin yang sign.

They have two very distinct personalities. Dizzi basically lives on my body and is a little more cautious than King. If a new toy or shoe turns up on the floor, his reaction is hilarious– approaching it haltingly like he’s the head of the bomb squad. If I’m on the couch, watching TV or on the computer, he will crawl onto my lap in the slowest slow motion possible so as not to disturb me or get turned away. King, on the other hand, isn’t scared of anything. He’s very curious and still acts like a kitten. He pounces and leaps to catch a toy or chase the laser pointer. His favorite thing is to kneed on my neck and drool all over me. He’s been doing it since he was a baby. Caring for and being obsessed with Dizzi & King has made me a more loving person. They are the best anxiety hot water bottles a girl could ask for.” @rebitcha_hendersmean

Originally from Canada, Rebecca Henderson was born in Canada and moved to NYC when she was 23.  She’s an actress and got her MFA at Columbia University. She lives in Fort Greene with her wife, their ginger babies—PLUS their 90-pound Pit Bull/Great Dane mix, Ramius.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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