Caroline Scott & Rudy


“I’d always grown up with a cat in the house. My mom had a big fluffy cat named Celeste and I have very strong memories of her walking around the edge of my crib when I was a baby, looking down at me probably with some distain for taking attention away from her. I moved to Paris for college and couldn’t commit to having a cat since I wasn’t sure I would stay abroad forever. After graduating and settling down into an apartment and my post-graduate life, a cat was still something I wasn’t sure I could commit to on my own, so when my friend asked if I could cat sit for her for the summer I figured it would be a good trial run. Four years later and I still have Rudy!

My friend Annika ended up staying in Australia and never came back, and her roommates got bought out of their lease and moved upstate. One of them called me randomly after the summer to check on Rudy, sort of as courtesy thing. It seemed obvious to us both at that point that Rudy was my cat and it’s been me and him ever since.

My friends had decided to name him Rudy and I feel like it suits him. I’m not sure where the actual inspiration came from but I like to think it’s from The Special’s song I used to love in high school – “A message to you Rudy”. Either way Rudy is an easy-going name and that fits his personality perfectly. I always had girl cats growing up but having a boy cat is a different experience. For one, he is a big cat, definitely substantial. But he also has a different attitude and demeanor. He’s so chill and not territorial at all. He’s a total ham who just wants to sleep and snuggle and look out the window.”

Caroline works for the e-commerce team at Bird in Brooklyn. @businesscatz


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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