Cat Corcoran & Pearl

“I had the incredible fortune of adopting Pearl from my best friend Jordyn, who travels more often than not. And while not a typical adoption scenario, the saying ”Cats find you” couldn’t be more true. Pearl made her way from Mansfield, Ohio (which isn’t far from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA) to the Upper East […]

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Fort Greene

Rebecca Henderson, Dizzi & King

“In 2010, I wandered into Kitty Kind, a cat adoption organization run out of the PetCo at Union Square. A couple of years prior, my friend had adopted sibling cats and raved about them constantly so I was looking for two related or bonded kittens/cats. I had been looking for almost a year but hadn’t […]

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Prospect Heights

Caroline Scott & Rudy

  “I’d always grown up with a cat in the house. My mom had a big fluffy cat named Celeste and I have very strong memories of her walking around the edge of my crib when I was a baby, looking down at me probably with some distain for taking attention away from her. I […]

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Long Island City

Daniela Gutmann, Kuki Doh & Moka

“A college classmate of mine knew about my love of cats and kept that in mind as she was volunteering at an animal shelter. Soon after she told me that a new litter of kittens had been rescued in North Carolina after their mother was killed by a wild animal. One of those kittens was […]

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Carroll Gardens

Amanda Barstow & Roscoe

  “Despite his allergies, my boyfriend Vinny fell in love with a super friendly street cat who used to snooze in front of his friend’s building in Red Hook. Vinny told me about Roscoe (named by folks in the neighborhood) so I immediately rode my bike over to meet Roscoe and he jumped right into […]

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