Mary Dauterman & Liz Lemon

“Liz Lemon was one of around 30 other cats and kittens who had been rescued from a kill shelter in LA by an extremely kind woman.

Shortly after moving to LA for a job, I saw a listing on Craiglist for Lemon’s brother. My sister, boyfriend and I went to the rescuer’s house in the Valley to meet him, but Lemon really charmed our jorts off, immediately plopping on my sister’s foot. She was much more of a people cat and purred all the way back to LA and then all night long.

The listing said she was part Maine Coon, which seemed like a stretch…she was scrawny and had just been neutered through a catch and release program so her belly was shaved. But she increased in size/fluff tenfold and stopped fitting into the box she used to sleep in. She is now a fully grown beasty.

Lemon is a not-so-secretly very needy lady. She follows us around and cries for attention, and even cries when I take a shower, because she doesn’t want me to be in the water.

She gets bizarrely affectionate when I’m on speakerphone, rubbing her face all over my phone when I’m talking, making any “professional sounding” call I need to make nearly impossible. She is a horrible coworker.

Lemon loves fine silks. She used to find and steal my roommate’s ties, then another roommate’s fancy dresses and prance around with them. She also loves: whitefish salad, suitcases, bubbles(!).”

Mary Dauterman is a freelance art director/illustrator and makerperson. @whatsfordunch


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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