Rachel Wright & Mrs. Ralph

“I had been pushing the cat thing for awhile. Sam wasn’t so sure (and possibly allergic). But one day I convinced him to come with me to the @NorthBrooklynCats event at Muddy Paws. And Sam said, “That one.” The fluffiest cat in the place. I went with it. And just like that, we scheduled a trial run for the next day.

On her first night in our space, she was good but stressed. And weirdly, so was I. Like knot-in-the-stomach stressed. Now that this was real, I was panicking. How would we travel? What about moving? What if she got sick? After years of moving around and never really settling in one place, this felt like way more permanence and responsibility than I was ready for. As I got ready for bed, all I could think was that we had to return her. Then I heard Sam say, “Good night Mrs. Ralph, I love you.”

So, there was that. I took a deep breath, turned off the “what ifs”, and let her work her cat charms. And duh, it worked. She’s the best cat ever. I know everyone says that about their cat but it’s true. We’re obsessed with each other. She comes running to say hello as soon as I wake up. Sits on my lap when I’m writing. Greets us at the door. She makes our apartment feel like a home—and I look forward to going home every night because I know she’s going to be there.” @rachel_wrong

Rachel Wright grew up in Oregon and moved to New York with her husband just about two years ago. She’s a copywriter, a surfer, loves the outdoors and city.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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