Olivia La Roche & Mia

Mia was very hard to name so she has a few. Her last name is Bean, so most of the time, it’s “Sweet Bean” or “Mia Bean.” I love Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr. Bean, so that’s where “Bean” comes from.

I met Mia on the corner of my old block a few days before I moved out. I always say “hi” to street kitties, and when I saw her, it was no exception. She was perched in a broken window of an abandoned building and was chatty, making a lot of eye contact. Just a few days before, I had started announcing to all my friends that I was planning to get a cat, so when she followed me to my door, I opened it and asked her if she wanted to come in, she did, and we’ve been together ever since.

I knew she was a sweetie when I was dunking her in a bath and combing a million fleas off of her the night we met, and she was purring although clearly not enjoying the process. It was difficult to add a kitty to the moving stress, but she actually made the whole process more light-hearted. She is fiercely independent, mischievous and makes me smile more than most humans. She chose me!

Olivia La Roche is Co-founder of contemporary vintage retailer, Petra von Kant, and believes that vintage doesn’t have to be era specific, and when presented a new context, becomes an essential aspect of modern dressing.

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Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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