Nicole Young & Mo

“In 1983 I reupholstered an old ottoman in a leopardish cotton fabric. That was the beginning of my love of the leopard motif. Since then, I always have something leopard in the living room. Currently it’s two ottomans in NYC, and a chair in Amagansett. And Moses.
Moses (Mo for short) is painfully shy and probably fits into a spot somewhere on the autism spectrum. For his first two years he pretty much lived under my comforter. Friends and family knew him as “The Lump”. Still, I’m totally in love with him. Now he’s 3 and beginning to emerge as a tentatively cuddly creature. I like to think he’s just growing into himself, but the veterinarian prescribed a daily Prozac which might be helping too. He likes to chase down “treaties” that I throw as far as I can.” @nicole_lafayette_young

Nicole is a hypnotherapist and coach.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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