Niki Larson & Louie, Moose, Otto

“Moose was definitely an impulse adoption if there is such a thing. I’ve always been a crazy animal lover so all it took was my cousin visiting from DC saying her new kitten was the best decision she ever made to convince me it was a great idea. And it was. Our first year together it was just the two of us. Coming home to this chubby, talkative little snowball has never failed to put a smile on my face. He lets me do all of my squeezing, grooming and snapchat filters without a fuss so we’re pretty much soul mates. Two years ago, my boyfriend Phil moved in with me and obviously fell in love with Moose too because I mean, look at him, he’s pristine (besides the borderline obesity). Last summer we walked into a pet store and I immediately dropped to my knees and started tearing up. Louie’s (then little Bobby) tiny little tailless self was looking up at us with those big loving eyes and we were sold on the spot. He had a relatively seamless intro to the family, but has always been way more into us humans than his brothers. He plays catch, does NOT always land on his feet and will never be more than 10 lbs. He goes NUTS over popcorn and catnip and is always looking for higher things to perch on. Lou’s our little nugget baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
We had kind of decided we wouldn’t adopt again until we could get a dog, but a week before my birthday I walked into the same pet store where we found Louie and there was Otto. The most beautiful kitten I think I have ever seen. I mean, look at him! It took some convincing to get Phil on board, but a few days later Otto came home. He was running around with the big boys within a few days and now he is everyone’s favorite annoying little brother. He’s the king of the sneak attack, has managed to get Moose to lose a few pounds through reluctant playtime and chases his tail like a little dog.

Some say I’m crazy but if this is crazy, I’m alright with that. I love my furry little babies.” @nikichristine
Niki is a full-time model and professionally trained dancer.

Author: girlsandtheircats

Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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