Amber Schaefer & Max


“Max is a bodega cat. I had just broken up with a guy after realizing I liked his cat a lot more than I liked him, and was looking to adopt a kitten ASAP, despite not only my allergy to cats but also my friend’s dad’s warning that “if I got a cat I’d never get married.” So when my friend rescued tiny little Max from a Bodega and posted on Facebook that he needed a home, I pounced. Max settled in right away, knocking down a few plants, eating anything he could get his furry little paws on, even kitchen floor kale! He was eager for hardcore cuddling before we even got to know each other. Max is gregarious, handsome, and gets along really well with everyone, including dogs and my neighbor’s cat. He makes me really really happy and is worth the stuffy nose and tiny little scratch marks all over my body. And my friend’s dad couldn’t be more wrong about the whole marriage thing. I’m going to marry Max!” @whimsylohan
Amber Schaefer is a filmmaker living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Author: girlsandtheircats

Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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