Sunny Shokrae & Elliot, Huey

“The person I married had three cats and at the time I was worried because I never really understood them and to be honest they frightened me a little. Cats in general seemed so unpredictable and vicious. His 3 cats (one lives upstate now), two brothers that he rescued from the ASPCA and the other he found at Internet Garage over 10 years ago, moved in and that was the start of everything. I fell in love with them both pretty quickly – they were so seductive, so in charge, so sweet and warm, every little feature on their faces, how different they both were, how they purred when they were happy in my presence. I gained their trust and vice versa and every single thing about them became my new obsession. I’m definitely a serious cat person now.¬†Elliot sits for treats and plays fetch. He loves to sit on a lap and follows commands. He’ll never hide from guests, he’ll only engage them. Huey is a classic cat that likes sleeping and hiding from too many people. Sometimes in the mornings he likes to try and talk. He plays through soft bites, and his purrs are the loudest and deepest I’ve ever heard, so loud its almost like a bird is chirping. We built them a cat ladder on the side of our apt building leading into the backyard so they could go in and out whenever they wanted (they have always been indoor/outdoor) and they use it every single day. It keeps them happy and active.¬†They have become my best buds and I can’t imagine being without them. I would do almost anything for them.” @sunnyshokrae

Sunny Shokrae is a photographer, born on Halloween 1983. She lives in Williamsburg and has been in the same apartment since 2009.

Author: girlsandtheircats

Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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