Sunny Shokrae & Elliot, Huey

“The person I married had three cats and at the time I was worried because I never really understood them and to be honest they frightened me a little. Cats in general seemed so unpredictable and vicious. His 3 cats (one lives upstate now), two brothers that he rescued from the ASPCA and the other […]

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Marissa Zappas & Audrey

  “Audrey came into my life last winter when I was freezing and alone, in a very NYC way. Unbeknownst to anyone, she also came with a Brillo pad in her stomach that she’d apparently ingested somehow right before she entered Animal Care and Control. I took her home and within three days had to […]

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Upper East Side

Carissa Hilliard and Zeeka

  “Zeeka is no ordinary cat. She is Siamese, and very aware of that, thank you very much. She knows her ancestors were kept in temples and lauded by the monks and royals of Siam, offered the finest cuts of meat on jewel-encrusted plates and given beds of silk pillows. Zeeka expects the finest. And […]

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Alvina Bokhari & October

“I met baby October on the eve of my 21st birthday. He was the best birthday surprise! October was found inside a cardboard box behind an office in Long Island. As soon as I held him I was so in love. This is a new experience for me because October is my first pet. I […]

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Crown Heights

Theadora Paulucci & Cleo

  “Cleo came to me and my partner through my partner’s best friend, who had been vacationing in Texas wine country with her friend from home and their moms. A small kitten approached them when they reached their vacation rental like she had been waiting for them. Our friend was certain she belonged to someone […]

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Park Slope

Anna Bak-Kvapil & Fluffy, Smokey, Raffles

“I have three cats, which I realize is dangerously close to being an animal hoarder. Fluffy, my first cat, had been owned by a homeless man and the social worker who checked on him promised she would find Fluffy a home. Fluffy has a big personality. He’s bossy, always hungry, and very very social. He’s […]

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