Alexis Healey & Foster


“I never intended to adopt a cat, but my co-worker Kelly and another friend at work, Paige, were such big animal lovers/advocates they had me following several shelters on instagram and were always sending me links to dogs and cats in need of a home because they felt it was time for me to have a pet. I wasn’t so sure. Then one day I saw a picture of the most beautiful grey cat on the Animal Haven Instagram. I showed him to Paige and “liked” the picture and then went on with my day. A week later Kelly sent a mass email to friends asking for anyone who could help immediately foster the same cat I had said was so beautiful. His name was Kylo Ren. TERRIBLE name for an adorable kitty.

At any rate, I suddenly felt compelled to help this little guy out so I emailed the shelter and they asked that I pick him up that same evening. It all happened so fast! When I went to pick up Kylo I was introduced to a beautiful WHITE cat and I told them they had made a mistake, but they said that the original picture was before they had given him a bath! He was instantly sweet and cuddly and very loving. I re-named him Foster (not very original), but I just still didn’t think of myself as a cat owner. I met with prospective adopters and after a few weeks I met a woman who seemed like a perfect fit. She adopted him and when I dropped him off to her apartment I BURST into tears. I realized I had gotten really attached to Foster even though I was sincerely happy I had found him a good home. A month later, I heard from Foster’s new family and unfortunately he was too much kitten for their older cat and they wondered if I might want to take him back. It seemed to me we were just meant to be together. He’s been back with me now for a couple of months and I adore him and he may still be named Foster, but he is staying with me forever!  He is funny and playful and super cuddly and LOVES to sleep right on my chest, press his paws on my face and follows me all over the apartment. I feel like I hit the jack pot of rescue animals. I’m 100% a girl with a cat and proud of it! I mean LOOK at this little guy!”

Alexis Healey is an Executive Assistant to Michael Kors.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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